MAGICO OPPO Tool Software v3.1A is out!Bypass OPPO ID Account Lock


Mar 1, 2020
MAGICOTEAM/ MAGICO OPPO Tool Software v2.5A is out!

By setting your hands free, MAGICO OPPO TOOL can help bypass OPPO ID locks quickly. Nowadays OPPO server is upgrading continuously, the time required to squeeze into its loophole is becoming shorter and shorter. With the help of MAGICO OPPO TOOL and its free software, you can set the time at your will for clicking the buttons to help remove OPPO ID locks.

MAGICOTEAM/ MAGICO OPPO Tool Software v3.1A Release Notes:
Added support for the following devices:
  • A5
  • A7
  • A7N
  • A7X
  • A8
  • A9
  • A9X
  • A11/A92020
  • A11X
  • K1
  • K3
  • K5
  • R15
  • R15X
  • R17
  • R17 Pro
  • Find X
  • RENO
  • RENO Z

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